Overview of Essential Oils – Essential Oils for Aromatherapy, Difference between Essential Oils and Perfume Oils

An Overview of Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural oils derived from different parts of the plants like roots, leaves, flower, seeds, barks, stems and wood of the plant. The essential oils not at all give oily feeling which is found in other oils normally. The majority of essential oils are clear but the colour of essential oil depends on the type of plant from which the oil was made of. The essential oils are available in the market either as pure oil which is made from one plant or as a blend of different types of essential oils. The essential oils have various therapeutic values and so many people prefer it for aromatherapy, massage, inhaling etc. There are various kinds of essential oils available derived from different kinds of plants. The essential oils have the healing and mood uplifting properties and so are highly used in aromatherapy. Continue reading

What is Essential Oil – Usage and Types of Essential Oils

What is Essential Oil

Essential oils are the living energy in nature. Essential oils are aromatic volatile liquids extracted from shrubs, flowers, seeds, bushes, roots and various parts of plants and trees. The chemical components of these essential oils protect plant against weather and environmental changes which may not be in favor of plants and trees. These elements also protecting plants and trees from insects and various diseases. Thus it is known as living energy. Also increase the immunity in plants and trees. They are the readymade source of vital energy for plants, human and many animals to grow and make the body immune and good. Essential oils are used in many life products for daily usage for life’s betterment. Essential oil is used in aid the body with massage and in many ways essential oils are nature’s gift and boon to the human life. Continue reading

Applications of Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oils

Essential Oils – Usage of Essential Oils

Today’s life is full of stress and need to make body powerful to bear all this easy. We have learnt a lot from our ancestors about the natural extracts from plant. Human beings from different regions from ages use the plants and minerals in medication and relaxation. This knowledge has been survived and now more scientific and pure with real extract and more effective in terms of essential oils and aromatherapy oils.

Applications of Essential Oils as AromaTherapy Oils

The usage of essential oils has been broadening in many products. Essential oils are extracted through distillation and used in cosmetics, incense, bathing products and perfumes. It is also used in many household cleaning materials. Essential oils are used most frequently in aromatherapy also. Aromatherapy is frequently used to uplift mood and relieve stress, especially when combined with massage by a professional. In some countries, the antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties of plant extracts are more widely recognized, and some oils and extracts are available through prescription. At the moment aromatherapy is generally considered a form of alternative medicine, and plant extracts are still being researched by scientists to evaluate how they may help patients. Continue reading

What is the Difference between Essential Oils & Fragrance Oil

Difference between Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils

Essential oils are extracted from the plants with various parts like flowers, leaves, roots and stems. These types of oils are naturally and pure concentrated oils where as fragrance oils are the scented and chemically synthesized artificial substances. Essential oils have therapeutic usage used in aromatherapy. The essential oils used in treating different diseases or body problems by inhalation, applying on skin or to take as medicines are known as aromatherapy oils. For example, the many possible benefits of essential oils include relaxation, pain relief, and protection from viruses and bacteria. Most components of fragrance oils are created in a laboratory, although some fragrance oils contain essential oil as one component. Fragrance oils do not have therapeutic benefits. The fragrance oil and essential oil industries are not well regulated, and even a bottle that is labeled essential oil may contain artificial components. It’s important to find a reputable essential oil company that guarantees its oils to be pure. Thus be careful while purchasing essential oils from trust source of supplier only. Continue reading

Aromatherapy – The Useful Application of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy – The Useful Application of Essential Oils

Natural plants and herbs are used in curing diseases from ancient time. Natural plants and herbs are the gifted medicines from nature. They are less risky, economical with easy availability and more effective with prompt relief in pain than medicines made from chemicals. India has expertise in cultivation of different plants used as medicine in form of the leaves, roots, branches, flower etc. Essential oils are the extraction of these parts of plants. Our rishis were ancient scientists and found the use of these parts in curing human diseases. Ayurveda have also shown the importance of these essential oils and aromatherapy oils in medicine books. India had great knowledge about these natural oils used in medicines and remedy in various diseases. Aromatherapy is one of the sections of medicine science. Continue reading

Importance of Fragrance Oil & Perfume Oil in Human Life

Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are made up from essential oils for the preparation of perfumes and fragrance products. Fragrance oils are produced to fulfill the different fragrance requirements of the people. Fragrance oil is known with other names like aroma oil, flavor oil, blended oil and essential oil etc. but truly fragrance oils are the derivatives of essential oils and not pure essential oils. Fragrance oils contain essential oil plus flavors and many other ingredients like fruits, vegetables, herbs, woods, plants etc, to preserve the blend and aroma for long. Fragrance oils are widely used for different skin care lotions and products used for different weathers, climate and events. Fragrance oils are also used in many other consumable products used for male and female to keep them cool, fresh, relaxed, happy, and pleasant and erection enhancement etc. Fragrance oils are readily available in the market in pure form or diluted form. One can choose as per their requirements. Some shop keepers are selling fragrance oils in the name of essential oils to earn more money, which is against law and common business rule. Thus on buying essential oils one must be careful that you get the pure natural essential oil from reliable sources only. Continue reading

How to Use Essential Oils for Body

Essential oils

Essential oils are the true invention of our ancestors. They had very good knowledge of essential oils like how to derive, how to preserve, how to use, what are the benefits of essential oils, what are the best applications of essential oils etc. had deep information which they have passed to our generation and now it’s our duty to use this information for betterment of mankind. Essential oil is a watery substances and not oil, though it is called as oil. Essential oil is an extract of the plant or assorted flowers, roots, leaves etc. Each has a specific property and composition useful to build natural health for human. Essential oils are derived from various parts of plant through distillation process. There are no artificial additives in natural essential oils. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated which required diluting with other vegetable oils as per the characteristics and properties of different oils and diluted in such a way to make more effective essential oils suitable for human consumption. There are thousands of essential oils. Many oils are generated through various complex processes. Our Ayurveda and other ancient books have described the importance of essential oils, usage and applications in detailed. Essential oils are used in manufacturing various natural beauty products like soap, shampoos, essence sticks and aromatherapy. Each essential oil has its own property which is unique and having specific reaction to body process. Continue reading

How to use Essential Oils – Important Tips while using Essential Oil

Essential oils are safe to use and not causing any side effects, though its usage should be through proper methods to get the best benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are applied on our body by 3 ways. One is applying on skin, second is inhalation and third is ingestion. Essential oils must not be eaten or drunk anyway. Few of the factors and parameters need to follow when using essential oils. Essential oils should take in defined dosage only higher dosage or concentrated oils may adversely create tumor and harmful changes in body. Even some toxic reactions may damage your skin, liver and other organs if it is taken in improper way or dosage. Continue reading

How Essential Oil Works?

Essential oils work on our body in different ways. We can use essential oils in 3 ways by applying on the skin, inhalation and ingested. Essential oils application skin is so much effective like blend of black pepper or ginger essential oil is useful to reduce arthritis pain and improve flexibility. German chamomile essential oil is used to treat eczema etc. Essential oils are absorbed by our skin as when we massage essential oil on our skin it enhances the blood circulation for that area to carry the absorbed ingredients of essential oils. Even on applying essential oils on skin, the sweat glands and hair follicles like genitals, head, soles, palms becomes more active and absorb the essential oil and mix up in the blood stream. Continue reading

Ways of Using Aromatherapy Oils for Healing

Ways of Using Aromatherapy Oils for Healing

Aromatherapy is basically a form of alternative medicine in which aromatic plant materials or oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant are used for the purpose of altering a person’s mind, mood, cognitive function or health. This is a natural healing therapy where various kinds of therapeutic essential oils are used to enhance individual’s psychological and physical well-being. Health conditions like lymphatic congestion, reduced peripheral circulation, muscle spasms, tension and anxiety, flaccid musculature and backache are known to be very well treated with the use of essential aromatherapy oils. Use of aromatherapy oils is widely done for pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function applications.

There are different ways of using aromatherapy oils for body healing. They can be inhaled directly for essential aroma which is known to stimulate brain function or can be used in massages or baths for absorption by the skin where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing. Continue reading